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SeC believes in sourcing only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients for all of our products, and our high quality products will always come with high quality customer service.

We use solvent-free THC Distillate, lab testing at no lower than 90% Delta 9 THC. The lack of impurities/residues left behind by solvents like butane, propane, CO2 and alcohol allow for a pure, clean, and effective high, that comes in the convenient and great tasting form of any SeC infused treat.

We provide the Canadian cannabis community great tasting treats that come in a wide range of dosages, allowing accessibility for users of various tolerance levels and medicinal needs. Our THC & CBD infused gummy menu consists of 11 different dosage options, all made with natural ingredients and organic raw cane sugar. We might be known for our edibles but we also carry a selection of premium CBD products and THC Extracts!

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These fierce flowers pack a powerful punch, so before you wake up and smell the roses, you’ve been warned. Some of the best buds you’ll ever have, these Rosebuds come equipped with 800mg of THC and a wonderful watermelon flavour.



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